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"Lucas knows more about homes than contractors who know about their specialized area. Highly recommend."


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Hear from some of our satisfied customers!


"These guys were polite, professional and thorough. I would use them again in a heartbeat. BBB score is an A+ and I checked that too​.​"


"Lucas​ - ​Loved your detailed report! Not many men are that "articulate" ( in my mind anyway) so I am so glad we had you to do it."


"I am so pleased with the customer service that Lita and CC provide as well as the thorough inspections. They saved me from buying a money pit by giving a complete report on every aspect of an older home without and personal opinions. So I called them again for the home I ended up purchasing. Their other inspectors, Lucas and Mark, were kind and professional as well. You couldn't ask for more! I will recommend them to family, friends and neighbors."


"​​I researched, listened to my realtor and ended up using Allview. They did such a good job on my first home that we decided not to purchase it due to the issues the guys found. (Saving me 15k)....He found things that I think others would have missed like different color paint and textures in the ceiling from previous leaks. I didn't even see those with my flashlight. They also did a superior job on the second house we wanted. I was there for the 2nd home inspection and these guys look at everything. Not only was he thorough, he told me about Georgia code and literally missed nothing down to the type of plumbing in the home. He had a thermal imager for dampness and AC/Heat vents as well as a moisture gauge to assure us that there was no current leak anywhere. After the inspection we had the final report that day. The report comes with color pictures as well as arrows pointing out little and big things with full descriptions of codes and issues. The report was very helpful and all I had to do was just send the report to the owners when we were negotiating on issues that needed fixed. I would use them again in a heartbeat. BBB score is an A+ and I checked that too."


"Best part of the home buying experience! I got an appointment the same day. Speaking with Lita was warm and professional. She answered every question and then some. Mike and C.C. met were at the property 20 minutes early. They see everything. Everything! I would love to have them along with me for every purchase. Photos and explanations of issues big (roof) and small (caulking) right down to the screws...literally. And they're charming, funny and diligent. I could've hung out with them all day, but it was the fastest 2 hours ever. Their inspection has been, by far, the most pleasant part of the home buying/selling experience. All View Home Inspections is who you hire.​"


"Great customer service​.​ I called to ask about having my newly installed water heater inspected and was informed that they do not do sole items inspections but Ms Lita was very kind to ask for pictures via email and confirmed that install was done correctly. This kind of service is what gets customers to recognize a business as a winner and will always have word of mouth recommendations and repeat business​. ​Thank you​."